Welcome to Nottingham University Samworth Academy Sixth Form College

Our Sixth Form College holds an important position in the wider community, educating and preparing our young adults to become positive and proactive individuals in the future.

At NUSA Sixth Form College you will study in an environment that will challenge, reward and ensure that you work to the highest standards allowing you to thrive. We drive our students by developing their growth mind set supporting their academic progress to ensure they achieve their best.

We are proud to have built strong links with local employers and higher educational providers that will benefit you along your journey to gain the very best opportunities for your chosen future pathway, whether for university, higher education or employment. Our college prides itself on specialising in BTEC courses with many of our students succeeding and going on to university life across the country.

Your teachers will combine your education with a wide and varied range of enrichment and curriculum opportunities that give you the very best education and preparation, therefore it is crucial we continue to support our students to develop high self-esteem and confidence, through a good education and inspiring opportunities into further/higher education or employment.

We look forward to working with ambitious students as we build an outstanding sixth form provision.

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Why study a BTEC course?

BTEC vocational courses are demanding and require commitment and organisation as a basic expectation of the most respected applied learning qualification in the UK.

You will have to complete a range of units, assessments and exams that will be taught, researched, and marked, as you build a portfolio of your assignments. You can feel proud to achieve a BTEC because, whatever your plans in life—whether you decide to study further at university, go on to employment or an apprenticeship, or set up your own business—your BTEC National will be your passport to success in the next stage of your life.

You will have the opportunity to develop the following transferable skills throughout the BTEC units on all courses, all highly desirable in any career:

  • Teamwork
  • Working on your own initiative
  • Problem solving
  • Business skills
  • Planning
  • Presentation
  • Evaluation skills

How do the qualifications provide transferable knowledge and skills for higher education?

All BTEC vocational qualifications provide transferable knowledge and skills that prepare you for progression to university.

The transferable skills that universities value include:

The ability to learn independently

The ability to research actively and methodically

The ability to give presentations and be an active group member

How do these qualifications provide transferable employability skills?

Throughout the BTEC Level 3 units, there are opportunities for you to develop your employability skills through the following three main categories:

Cognitive and problem-solving skills

Using critical thinking, approaching non-routine problems, applying expert and creative solutions, using systems and technology

Interpersonal skills

Communicating, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation

Intrapersonal skills

Self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and development

Student support

We know our students very well and because of this we can guide them through any worries or concerns they may have and support our students to progress on to the right courses that offers them the best chance of success.

We support and guide our students to be organised, adaptable, hard-working, good team members, and to develop their personal skills. You will take more responsibility for your own learning and become a more independent learner, which will act as a springboard for the next phase of your education or for employment.

You will be supported by a personal tutor and a dedicated sixth form team, helping to transform personal dreams and aspirations into reality.

At NUSA-16, we are pleased to offer the Duke of Edinburgh scheme if you are keen to take part in a life-changing experience. This exciting opportunity will give you the chance to discover new interests and talents. You will develop essential skills for life with this recognised mark of achievement, respected by employers.

You may have a few questions—here are a few answers that might help:

Students are encouraged to adhere to a smart dress code

Students are responsible for the operation of the Student Bulletin and Student Tuck Shop

You may be selected to be one of our College Ambassadors

We offer discretionary bursary for students that qualify

We are inclusive and provide the right support for all our students

Students are allowed to leave site for lunch and return in the afternoon for their lessons

Life at NUSA-16

College years are amongst the most exciting, inspiring and rewarding of any student’s academic life.

Learning at NUSA Sixth Form is stimulating and rewarding as we aim to foster your intellectual curiosity and creativity. You will have the opportunity to explore in depth your chosen subjects and engage in exciting academic debate as you develop a higher level of thinking and increased independence of thought. You should expect to be challenged within a supportive environment and you should not be afraid of failing, as this forms part of your growth.

NUSA-16 is a time for you to develop a broader awareness and understanding of the world around you, helping you to achieve your dreams and prepare you for independence; ready for adult life. Our passionate team are dedicated to you, our students, and this is demonstrated in the strong relationships built within our Sixth Form, providing a solid foundation for growth in all our learners. You will become compassionate and resilient leaders; we believe that you have the potential to bring about positive change both within the local and global community.


Student comments

“I have been a student at NUSA-16 for nearly two years now and really enjoyed it from the beginning. The staff have helped me massively get to my next stage in life and I really appreciate that. They have been so supportive and believe in me from the very first day that I could succeed within the Sixth Form. As long as you, as a student want to succeed and are committed, the teachers will try their best to make it happen.”

Lewis Walls – Year 13

“I made the decision of staying on at Sixth Form partly because of the teachers, the teachers know and understand how I work and helped me achieve everything I wanted, to be where I am today.”

Renee Brandy-Harris – Year 13

“For me choosing to attend NUSA sixth form was one of the best decisions I am yet to make in my life thus far. It’s a very different experience to how it was as a student in the main school. The members of staff at NUSA-16 respect and treat you as an adult, and take what you want seriously, they are so supportive of the decisions you make and really do know what they are doing... so to any upcoming students trust what they are saying because they know what they’re doing and will be the people you go to for the next year or so who will have all the knowledge and tools to get you where you want to be. With my qualifications from Sixth Form I was accepted into all of my university choices including my first choice. The experience overall has been really positive and I am so thankful for all my teachers, and I won’t ever forget the doors they have helped me to open.”

Angel Carlisle-Brown – Year 13

“Studying at NUSA Sixth Form is enjoyable and fun, you are set with challenges and given activities that can help you learn and grow, but the support is also important. The support and affection you are given by teachers is amazing, they help you through tough times and are understanding; you never feel alone. This is why NUSA Post 16 is the best place to go, you will not regret it."

Savannah Thornhill – Year 13

Apply for a place

Entry requirements

Minimum five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English and Maths.

Other Level 2 pass qualifications are accepted as equivalent to a grade 4.

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The application process for September 2022 entry is open: please fill out the form below to apply.

Please complete all the fields on the application form and ensure you enter a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you.

Please read through this form carefully before you start to complete it. You will be required to complete your personal details, information about your qualifications and your provisional course choices.

This form is used to collect information regarding your application to NUSA16 and will only be used for this purpose. We need the information collected here to enable us to manage this process effectively. The information is for internal use only and will be stored on our internal servers. This information will be kept in line with our data retention policy.

We will only use your contact details to share information with you that is relevant to this process.

If you have any concerns please contact us before you proceed.

1. Basic Information

Your e-mail address will be used to send you confirmation of your form submission.

2. Contact Details
3. Pathway

Please select the pathway you would like to follow at NUSA. Remember that entry requirements for all Level 3 courses are a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English and Maths. Other level 2 pass qualifications are accepted as equivalent to a grade 4.

If you choose the A Level pathway, please choose 3 course options and 2 backup options.

Note that you may be accepted onto your chosen course if you haven't achieved a grade 4 in Maths. However this will be decided on a case by case basis. Please tick the box below if you are NOT predicted to achieved a grade 4 in Maths.

4. Personal Statement

We would like to know more about you: why you would like to study this course and about your plans for the future. Therefore, in your own words, please provide further information yourself. Please include information about hobbies, interests, sporting activities, voluntary work etc.

5. Examination Details

Please enter details of all subjects you are studying and the predicted grades below.

6. Reference Request

We require a reference to ensure that you have been guided towards the right course and also to make sure that you may receive any support that you need. (If you are a current NUSA student, please give your tutor’s full name)

7. Declaration

Please tick the box below to confirm that the information given above is correct and that you understand that submitting this application form is not a guarantee of a place.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application, which we look forward to reading!

You will now receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted.